You know the problem. You have a job or jobs and you are looking for suitable candidates. And you have a pile of resumes. It sounds easy, but finding the right candidates is awfully hard. Traditional techniques like phone screen, ineffective resume scan, insufficient or irrelevant keyword match, make you spend time on candidates who may be unsuitable. Your time is too important to be spent on the candidates which you may not want to hire. And just going through resumes can be tiring.

On the other hand, if you looked at your own job descriptions from a job seeker's perspective, you will wonder if such a person even exists. What you might have ended up describing is a requirement for a person who knows everything. Who you are really looking for, is someone who is reasonably suitable for the job and is nice to work with.

Thus, both resumes and job descriptions are imprecise. At the same time, human intelligence is irreplaceable. What is easily possible for you is still very hard for computers. Unfortunately, you have to spend time if you rely solely on something like phone screening. So, wouldn't it be handy if you had a fast, evolving, customizable online service which assists you in finding suitable candidates who you can phone screen or better yet, invite for an onsite interview with a high confidence?

That is what JyMob is all about. More often than not, you can translate a job description to a set of problems or questions that a person doing that job should be able to satisfactorily address. Once that is done, you can apply human intelligence to further screen the candidate. With this dual approach, you don't have to miss out on any suitable candidates and you don't have to spend time on unsuitable candidates. In some cases, as the effectiveness of JyMob's automated screening test generation engine matures, you can even rely on JyMob alone to generate a screening test based on a job description.

So, while hiring the right candidate remains hard, your task becomes simpler. At least you save time and hence money. You feed JyMob with your job descriptions, customize its algorithms to your requirements and rest assured that you get a set of interesting candidates who you should spend more time with.

Here are the details of what JyMob can do for you:

Effective Screening

In Ken Robinson's seminal book, The Element, he argues that intelligence, which is distinctive, dynamic and diverse, is closely related to creativity. Tests are not effective in determining either creativity and intelligence. We at JyMob believe in this argument. However, it is possible to determine suitability and relevance of a particular person to do particular job functions using creatively designed tests and problems. If one knows the underlying principles, then he or she can apply them effectively. Thus, if a test comprises of problems based on these underlying principles, then it is possible to get a reasonably good judgment of a person's professional aptitude for a job at hand.

Interestingly, when we phone screen (or interview someone in person), we do precisely that and we humans are too good at it. With JyMob however, you can rely on designing a screening test creatively so that we can take the help of computers to do it. Doing so helps you remove some of the hidden costs associated with screening. When your engineering (or other) employees are involved in phone screening a candidate, they make use of the connection oriented protocol. In calculating the costs of hiring a candidate, these hidden costs are often overlooked. With JyMob, you can save time to get to the right candidate, thus saving you money.

If a candidate does well in the tests that you designed, you have a higher confidence that the candidate is suitable for that (or similar) job. It has to be, because we are using scientific principles to do this. The problems are of various kinds, you can create and submit your own problems. All of the infrastructure is provided by JyMob so that you can create the tests to your satisfaction. When this is available (and being innovated), sky is the limit to what you can do with it.

With JyMob's machine learning algorithms in place, you can make sure that all the candidates get a different but equivalent test! If you are dissatisfied with one test, you can create multiple tests. You can tune the algorithms to your requirements.

JyMob's problem database plays central role in its expected effectiveness. The database is evolving, curated by various experts, versatile and large. A team of dedicated JyMob editors ensures that the quality and fidelity of the problems in problem database is maintained.

These factors lead to effective screening of candidates and it saves you money.

Integrated Candidate Dashboard

Along with screening candidates, JyMob's integrated services maintain users' resumes, cover letters, their identities on popular and relevant social networks, their job applications, their scores in JyMob tests and presents them to you in a single and easily navigable dashboard.

This improved workflow helps you make informed decision about your possible hires.

Simple Integration

As a job provider however, once you post the jobs at JyMob, you will get a unique URL for each job post. All you should do is place this URL anywhere, so that JyMob manages all the job applications you will receive for that job post. Creation of job post and creation of highly customizable screening tests for it can be done very quickly using the intuitive interface of our website.

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