Job Applications API

This is the API to deal with job applications. Each action shows the HTTP request and response. Errors are generic in format and provide action-specific messages and error codes as described here.

Listing Job Applications

If you are a job provider, you are interested in knowing how many users applied for your jobs. If you are job seeker, you are interested in how many jobs you applied for. This is captured by the parameter job_post_id. When you specify job_post_id, you get the job_applications associated with that job_post (of course, if you have posted that job or you are authorized by the job provider to know it). If you don't specify the job_post_id, you get list of your own job_applications.

Request Response

URL takes additional parameters as needed for pagination etc.

Type: GET
URL: /job_applications.[json, xml]?access_token=<access-token>&<job_post_id=42> (job_applications for job_post with id 42).
XML: All job_applications. Root element: job_applications
JSON: Array of job_application elements.

Creating a Job Application

This simulates process of application for a job. It's like you find a job on JyMob and click the Apply button. All you need is the resume_id and job_post_id. Thus, you find the ID of the job_post, ID of your resume to attach and create the job_application. Thus, job_post_id and resume_id are mandatory parameters. Thus, you will need to first create or upload resume and get its ID first and then use that ID here.

Request Response

Body takes parameters as needed for creation of a new Job Application.

Type: POST
URL: /job_applications.[json, xml]
Body: access_token=<access-token>&job_post_id=123&resume_id=1&cover_letter=<text of the cover letter>
XML/JSON: Representation of the created job application.

Showing a Job Application

Request Response
Type: GET
URL: /job_applications/<ID>.[json, xml]
XML/JSON representation of the job_application. Shows the fields cover_letter, id and job_post_id for
          the job_application with given ID. If there is a resume attached, its XML/JSON representation is also attached.

Updating a Job Application

You can only update the cover letter attached to a job application. The job_post_id and resume_id attached to original job_application cannot be updated.

Request Response

Body takes additional parameters as needed for editing the given Job Application.

Type: PUT or POST with X-HTTP-Method-Override: PUT Header
URL: /job_applications/<ID>.[json, xml]
Body: access_token=<access-token>&summary=summary&description=description&location=location&organization_name=company_name
XML: All job_applications. Root element: job_applications.
JSON: Array of job_application elements.

Deleting a Job Application

Sorry, you just can't delete a job application even if it belongs to you.