Why this FAQ page? Is this website not self-explanatory?

We make every attempt to make the website easy to use. For software service like us, users are the greatest asset. A few things need to be explained however. And this page does just that.


What does JyMob mean?

JyMob is MyJob, well, an anagram of it! Our vision is to create products and tools to help you hire the best people.


Is JyMob a Job Board?



Who is this website for?

For everyone creating jobs and everyone applying for them. Hiring managers, technical recruiters, HR specialists can easily create jobs and applicants apply for them, right here. Thus, as hiring managers or recruiters, you don't just receive a pile of resumes, but you get the candidates immediately screened. We work hard to improve the quality of our screening process and you can always tune it to your satisfaction.


Are you focusing on the active job seekers?

We admire passive job seekers. They are the people everyone should be after. However, most of us are not passive job seekers. But you know that passive candidates are expensive. And there is no data to suggest that active job seekers aren't good. Unfortunately, there is a wide-spread but unfounded belief that if a person is actively looking for a job, s/he is not competent enough.

A whopping 44% of open job positions are filled by active job seekers. And we believe that companies should acknowledge this statistic. Almost all of us have been active job seekers at some point in our career. What companies need to do to attract this unrecognized talent is make their company career web-pages attractive and effective. If companies continue to use outdated, unresponsive systems, quality active job seekers, who really are their customers, tend to get away.

One of the things that companies can do to engage such talent is request them to make their job application stand out. A candidate's resume and track-record can make him/her stand out, but again, there are few outstanding (and well-written) resumes and we know that recruiters and HR professionals have hard time identifying relevant resumes. So, the idea is to know a little bit more about the candidates based on their answers to relevant questions.

Since active job seekers want to walk the extra mile to make their application stand out, this is an incentive for them to go through the process (of ensuring a fit) and when the process is designed and tuned by companies themselves and is tailored for the job at hand, it establishes a candidate-job match in a meaningful way. Thus, it puts both companies and active job seekers in a win-win situation. This works in concert with your efforts to source the passive job seekers.

JyMob aims to do this for companies of all sizes. We help you place a snappy job badge on your career pages and the rest is handled by us. Remember, active job seekers visit your company career pages when you are not doing anything special. They come to your website (almost) voluntarily. If the system engages them and places a flexible and friendly quality control right there, it works well for everybody!

So, yes, we do focus on active job seekers. But that does not mean JyMob can't be used with passive job seekers. In fact, it is up to you to utilize our services the way you want. It's just that our core value proposition is obvious with active job seekers.


Isn't such online testing just bad? Won't it drive away the real talent?

Yes and no. Traditionally, the philosophy and user experience of such tools have been really bad. Their philosophy has been to filter out the candidates by asking arcane or mundane, irrelevant and multiple-choice type questions. Their user experience has been poor. This has given pre-hire testing a bad reputation because their tendency has been to create artificial barriers in an already complex process.

JyMob improves on such tools and services. First of all, we have a modern, responsive and clean user interface. Secondly, we are sensitive to job seekers' user experience and don't come in their way. More importantly, we encourage companies to ask questions and problems that are relevant to the job; problems the candidates would love to solve in order to establish the candidate-job fit. We haven't created the service for the sake of it. We ourselves are engineers and have been active job seekers. Only when we felt that it would help people on both sides of the table, did we create such a service.

Our approach has been scientific and our manner has been user-friendly. Hiring talent is a human process. Our vision is to create an easy-to-use, configurable and robust testing system that is useful for a variety of jobs. We want to help improve the hiring efficiency of all companies, big and small.


How are you different from my keyword matching software?


Keyword matching software learns slowly. Our Automatic Screening Test Generator is much more versatile. It has several configuration options and we are constantly updating it to learn patterns more aggressively. We respect the keywords you provide while creating the job post, but we try to understand your job description.

More importantly, your keyword matching software filters resumes. We screen actual job applicants!

And yes, your keyword matching software does not generate a screening test. We do. It's like you feed JyMob with your job description and it quickly generates a reasonably good screening test using problems in JyMob Problem Database.


What is the Problem Database? Is it a questionnaire?

Yes, it is a questionnaire available for your consumption. We maintain a versatile problem database. We constantly prune it. We reach out to community of various subject matter experts to contribute to it. It is versatile. It contains various kinds of problems, from multiple choice questions to Mini-projects!

What we are asserting here is that we analyze various computer-based testing models rather than recreating some artificial exams. We encourage candidates to be fair and take these tests in a comfortable environment. Such a mode of operation requires that we be creative in designing not only the questions of various kinds, but testing models suitable for use on the Internet.

Our Automatic Test Generator basically matches your job description with problems in this database and comes up with a relevant screening test.

What is great about our problem database is its versatile, dynamic nature. Our problems are carefully chosen and curated by humans. We call them "search engine defying" in that one can't just do a web search to get their solutions without really understanding them. You can ask for clarifications after the test has been submitted. Thus, you can easily create discussion thread based on a particular answer/solution provided by a candidate.


As a Job Provider, do I get to see a specimen test you generate?

Of course! As soon as you post a job, you get to see how our Automated Test Generator behaved. As it matures, it should get you a relevant screening test by default. We provide you with a link that lets you see the generated screening test as the candidate applying for that job will do!


Can I tune a test per my needs?

Yes. Automatic Test Generator may not always generate a satisfactory screening test. So, you can configure various parameters:

Number of problems You can choose the number of problems that appear in each screening test (default: 4)
Mandatory problems You can make a few problems mandatory, meaning they will be part of screening test taken by every candidate applying for that job.
Time You can make each test a timed test. Any response received after the deadline is rejected.
Keywords You can provide as many keywords as possible. Keywords can be technical terms, names of desired skills etc.

What if Automatic Test Generator fails?

Automatic Test Generator is always learning. It is possible that sometimes it fails to generate a screening test for a given job description. When that happens, it tells you so and asks for help.

Usually, a little tweaking, tuning of parameters (as discussed above) ensures that Automatic Test Generator generates a solid test.


Can our technical team participate in testing?

Yes, absolutely. Right from the get-go, you can have a technical/assessment team participate in pre-hire testing process. We addressed the need of such combined efforts so that you get a 360°view of the candidate. Here's how you can foster team collaboration:

Role Name Function
Recruiter or HR representative You post a Job and get the JyMob Badge in seconds, place it next to the job ad. You can even design the badge in place! You also make sure that the User Experience is absolutely top-notch as they are led into their testing experience. Of course, you can select personality type questions and make them a part of the test. So, that way, it's more of knowing the candidate than testing her/him!
Hiring Manager You administer the overall testing methodology. You work closely with recruiter/HR rep and control all the technical aspects of the actual test. You have full access to the Problem DB, can create your own private questions and decide critical testing parameters. Both you and HR rep can solicit and assess feedback from the hiring team. The feedback is available to view only for you and HR rep to prevent the bias.
Team Member (1..n) You are usually a resident subject matter expert. You are at the heart of the system. If the candidate's responses make sense to you, then s/he would be invited for further interview, not otherwise. Along with other team members, you can tune the technical aspects of the test. And here, you get a comprehensive feel of the candidate's core competence. You can even create discussion threads where candidates can attach multiple files to clarify/enhance their solutions! This creates a lively dialog between you and the candidates.

What is a JyMob Badge?

It's a simple HTML link that you get upon posting a job at JyMob. For example, see the Apply Now! link on our own website. You can then place that link on your website or send it to a candidate in email. When candidate clicks the link s/he will be directed to create a job application and take the test. The badge has a decent look and feel that you can customize. By default, here's what the badge looks like:


Once you place the badge on your career pages, candidates quickly get engaged because showing off relevant skills is so motivating!

By placing the badge next to the job ad, you distribute JyMob's testing system seamlessly for active job seekers. As an added bonus, you get analytical data about how many people clicked the badge, took the test, rejected the test etc.


Can I create my own problems/questions in JyMob Problem Database?

Yes. When you post a job, you are awarded a problem editor role. This gives you access to our database. Thus, you can choose problems from there or you can create a problem for us :-). You get to use the same interface that our problem editors use.


Can my problems be private?

Meaning used only for your jobs? Yes, absolutely. While creating a problem in our problem database, you can choose to make it private (by default, it is shared). Private problems are used exclusively for your jobs (jobs you post). They are not available for other job providers . They don't show up in searches. It is just that they reside along side other shared problems, but are inaccessible to others. Of course, when a candidate gets such a private problem as part of screening test of your job post, s/he gets to see its statement, attachments etc. But no other companies can access such problems in tests for their own jobs.


Can you tell me more about tests and submitted solutions?

Sure. After the test is submitted, everyone (involved) gets notifications. Submitted solutions have several facilities:

Usually the solution is provided in a text-area. But you may ask any number of files to be attached as a solution to the problem. With easy, intuitive interface, candidates can attach files as their solution.

You may start a discussion thread in any submitted solution! For instance, if you want a clarification on a particular solution, you can always post a comment on that solution and only then does the candidate get a chance to submit an update. Thus, you can create a discussion thread right within the submitted solution. All comments and versions of solutions thus posted can be easily seen against a time-line. This is an interactive way to better ensure authenticity of the submitted solution. Here's what the interaction might look like:

I like your solution, but can you elaborate on the running time of this algorithm?
I think it is quadratic on both sides, so, it's Θ(n2).
Can you improve on the solution? Please attach a file.
Yes, it can be improved by changing the partition routine a bit. Please see attached.

Thus, you can have an entire dashboard of discussions before you bring this candidate in for an interview.


Do I get some kind of score to assess a match?

Yes! We help you assess the candidates based on the quality/fit of their resumes, the feedback of the hiring team and the correctness of their answers (this is still being worked on, let us know if this is important to you). For a job, you get a list of candidates sorted on (1: lowest, 10: highest) the combined score on above fronts. This score is called the Relevance Score. Thus, you can easily make your decisions to invite the candidates based on their scores.


How do you prevent cheating?

You mean how are we going to ensure that the person who applies for your job is the same person taking the test?

Frankly, we can't. We do ask them to be professional while taking the test. But let me turn the question around and ask you -- how do you ensure the authenticity in say, phone screens? Usually, you take it for granted that there is no cheating involved.

Regarding being able to copy a solution from elsewhere, well, that depends on our problem database and the problems you contribute. If the problems are well designed, this is a risk we can mitigate together. Our ability to create discussion threads also helps in ensuring legitimacy of submitted answers.


How do I integrate JyMob with our company-wide tracking system (ATS)?

There are several ATSs out there, but few (none?) have robust API's to work with. Let us know the ATS you use and we'll work with you to easily export data into your system.

We, on the other hand, do have a secure, robust, RESTful API that your IT engineers would love to work with. Let us know if you would like to know more about our API and we'll work with your engineers.


I am a programmer (individual contributor). Can I utilize your service?


Specifically, you can start an early round of screening by creating a Quick Challenge. A Quick Challenge is very light-weight. All you need is a placeholder job post that we create. You create a challenge and send it to the user whose email you know. You can see the link to create quick challenges on your home page.


Doesn't all hiring happen by referrals?

No, not all. Referrals, LinkedIn or other recommendations, (faulty) endorsements can never give you a confidence of getting a reasonably suitable candidate without spending quality time! On the other hand, if a programmer had interesting projects on GitHub or SourceForge, you'd want to talk to her. This is exactly what we are doing. We are extending this idea, only such that the scope is determined by your job posts because relevance is important.

JyMob's model makes you think objectively about your job description and brings you the power of expert-curated problem database. You are allowed to be creative to create and pose problems :-). Online screening is here. We just make it as easy as 1-2-3.

See our blog-post for a more detailed discussion on this topic.

Convinced? Just go ahead and post your first job, Right Now!